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From understanding your specifications all the way to productionisation, We offer end-to- end AM solutions you would require to complete your project.

Leveraging on some of the best available tools in 3D modelling, simulation, analysis, additive design, topology optimisation, and CAM software, amace solutions offers a wide spectrum of solutions for customers.

Topology optimization eliminates any redundant material from component, retaining material at areas where it is absolutely necessary while respecting all other constraints. Lattice structure creates internal hollow structures for higher stiffness within a given geometry to reduce the weight with high. It will create “porous” structures to approximate materials with intermediate density. Lattice structures are highly advantageous for medical applications.

In Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) we design or redesign the customer’s components by unlocking the potential of 3D printing with some of the most advanced tools.

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Similarly, reverse engineering or existing part and applying DfAM techniques to meet any specific design objective can also be offered. In the tooling industry conformal cooling channels for the dies & moulds that are additively manufactured provide the uniqueness to overcome the issues pertaining to non-uniform distribution of temperature.

We design and print components with conformal cooling channels for your industrial application to unleash the potential of additive manufacturing in mould & tooling industry with best in class cooling analysis and flow simulation.

New Material development

Metal powder plays a very important role in the additive manufacturing processes. Indeed, the quality of metal powder used will have a major influence on mechanical properties but it can also influence:

  • the build consistency,
  • the production of defect-free components,
  • the manufacturing defects on surfaces,
  • the reproducibility between AM machines
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The machine based on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) can produce parts from a large range of metals and metal alloys including stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, aluminium, maraging steel, nickel alloys etc. These materials cover the needs of most industrial applications, from aerospace, defence to medical and general engineering. They also meet the requirement of all the surgical tools and medical implants. With the high productivity 3D printing technology available with us and the knowledge of process parameter optimization the team amace can provide myriad of printing options for machine user.

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At amace, we offer various post-processing techniques to improve the mechanical properties, accuracy, and appearance of metal printed parts.

Compulsory post-processing steps include the removal of the loose powder and support structures, while heat treatment (thermal annealing) is commonly used to relieve the residual stresses and improve the mechanical properties of the part.

We enhance the aesthetic appeal of the part with shot blasting using different media to provide uniform matte finish as a standard offering.

We also offer advanced heat treatment service on demand. Being a versatile player of conventional technologies, such as milling, turning, tapping, tooling, and grinding, we perfectly manufacture the AM parts to attain industrial standards, tolerances and surface finishes with the help of our 3 axis and 5 axis machining expertise.

The facility includes a design and analysis team comprising of product designers, additive experts, and machining & finishing experts. The amace team is agile, responsive, and Collaborative. Contact us to ask for a quote, design review or partnership.